Investment Casting Mouldings

Foundry man pouring hot metal into investment casting

Foundry casting into investment mould

ICS has been involved in the investment casting moulding industry for over 40 years producing both the mould tooling and the plastic component end products.

Our Plastic Components

ICS manufactures its own range of plastic components such as single crystal starter helix, chaplets and mould dewax drains/vents as well as customer-designed plastic components.

These components are used by the worlds leading investment casting companies and gas turbine manufacturers as a critical part of their manufacturing process with assured quality and short lead times.

AS9100 Accreditation

As an AS9100 accredited manufacturer ICS understands the detailed requirements of not only the design and manufacture but also the lifecycle documentation that parts and tooling in this important sector demand.

Research & Development

We are happy to lead research and development projects that can help advance our customers’ programs with tooling or advanced, innovative engineering polymer products.

Chaplet Manufacture World Leader

The word chaplet is a general term for a spacer which supports the core in a mould tool.

In the Aerospace sector, plastic chaplets are used to accurately and securely position the ceramic core in the wax pattern die. With our knowledge and understanding of the industry gained over several decades, ICS have developed a standard range of over 140 different chaplets that are precisely manufactured in our AS9100 certified production cell.

We are the world leader in chaplet production and export to turbine manufacturers and casting foundries around the world. If you need a size that is not in the standard list, ICS can create a new die in-house.

Investment casting chaplet compared in size to a pencil point
3 single crystal starter helixes ICS Specialist Toolmakers, mouldings

Helixes Manufacture

Single-crystal turbine blades have allowed engine manufacturers to push the boundaries of turbine performance and achieve much higher power and efficiency for both flight and industrial power generation applications. A crucial part of the single-crystal (SX) casting process is the helix moulding, otherwise known as pigtails or spirals.

ICS has been at the forefront of helix development since the 1980’s, making mould tools & mouldings for turbine manufacturers and casting foundries around the world. We are now the world leader in helix mouldings with over 20 different types in production.

Helixes are all bespoke to each customer and we can take care of the tool manufacture, maintenance and the mouldings as a one-stop solution.

Customer Confidentiality

We know that confidentiality is critical in this competitive industry so we are used to working under Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA’s) with all our customers.

Wax Moulding Manufacture

ICS uses an MPI wax machine technology for scheduled production of wax components directly into the casting industry as well as for tool trials. All the wax products are bespoke to each customer, so contact us to see how we can help you.

Contact us with your requirements to see how we can help you.

Green wax pellets, raw material for wax mouldings
design engineers discussing paper design plans

Sub-contract Mouldings

We also manufacture specific plastic mouldings for the castings industry for in-process use, each one being bespoke to each customer and meeting their exact needs for dimensional accuracy and full traceability of materials.

Contact us with your requirements to see how we can help you.